About Us


To promote and strengthen the bond between doggies and their owners through education, consistency, and effective practical training. To teach people how to safely and humanely train their doggies to be reliable, fun loving companions.


Sandy Sandberg Founder / Owner / Animal Behavior Specialist Sandy has worked with hundreds of species of animals over the past 26 years. She has worked with dolphins, penguins, and whales at Sea World. While employed at the Santa Barbara Zoo, she tended to the big cats, primates, and elephants. During her employment there, she was responsible for 200+ animals. She has worked at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch as the Lead Elephant Supervisor. Sandy Sandberg has also worked with a variety of canines as a doggie trainer at the Animal Behavior and Training Associates center located in Los Angeles. In the past Sandy Sandberg has worked at several animal hospitals, with many breeds of dogs and cats. She volunteered her services at the San Diego Zoo Primate Pad, Project Wildlife, and at Magic Mountain with dolphins. Sandy Sandberg and her training staff for dogs are committed to ongoing animal behavioral and health education. She consistently attends schools and seminars to keep abreast of the latest animal training and behavioral methods.


Doggie Do Good is a full service training facility located in the heart of Central California’s coast in San Luis Obispo. We are located on a 2.5 acre ranchette in Arroyo Grande just 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Doggie Do Good specializes in training dogs whose owners are at the end of their leash. Doggie Do Good, Inc. provides several different training options to best meet the needs of the owner and their doggie. We offer basic obedience classes for those looking to do the training themselves and just need some professional dog training instruction to help out. We also provide Private Lessons for those who need specialized dog training on their schedule and at their location. Our most popular method of dog training is Doggie Camp. Doggie Camp was modeled after our Service Dog program for people with disabilities who need a service dog to help with the daily tasks of life. With Doggie Camp, your dog would come and stay at our facility / home and learn all the obedience and behaviors you are too busy to train yourself. At the end of Doggie Camp, we spend as much time as is needed to show you what your doggie has learned, how it was trained, and how to keep the training up yourself. Doggie Camp is ideal for those with very busy schedules and for those in need of advanced or specialized training. Of course we also provide service dog training for those who are in need of a service dog companion who is always ready to help you out. With service dog training, we can locate a dog for you and we can also evaluate your doggie to see if they would be a good candidate for the tasks required by you. Please give us a call regarding any of our dog training offerings.