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Our most effective program for training of any kind.

We have a full time staff of several trainers that are at our 2.5 acre facility daily from 6am until 11pm, all holidays included. In Doggie Camp, we train family dogs with the same dog training techniques we use to train our Service Dogs for people with disabilities. Doggie Camp is ideal for dog owners whose schedules do not allow the time required to train their dogs properly or for those extra tough behavioral issues.

Doggie Do Good
Doggie Do Good

At Doggie Do Good, Inc., we have a highly effective dog training program where dogs come to stay with us just as our Service Dogs do. We take our Doggie Camp dogs everywhere including beaches, parks, and even busy shopping centers. We also train them in our home and on our property where dogs learn advanced training and off-leash commands safely. We work on basic obedience (sit, come, down, stay, and heel) with distractions so that your dog learns to listen regardless of their environment. We also address all kinds of behavioral issues including various forms of aggression, jumping, chewing, digging, barking and nipping, to name a few. We can train advanced dog obedience tasks like boundary training, nite-nite/bed (go to a bed and stay), tricks, and off-leash work as well. Doggie Camp is completely customizable to meet your needs.

When preparing to bring your dog to Camp, we will ask you for your wish list of everything you want your dog to learn while they are here. When your dog is ready to return home, we will spend as much time as is needed to show you everything your doggie learned, how we trained the behaviors and how to keep all the training up to speed and moving forward. Because it takes approximately three weeks for a dog to form a habit from a behavior, your doggie you will receive our training guarantee that gives you free unlimited private lessons for the rest of your dog’s life if he/she completes a minimum of 21 consecutive days in Doggie Camp.

Training Guaranteed!

If your doggie completes a minimum of 21 consecutive days of Doggie Camp, you will receive our training guarantee that gives you free on-site private lessons for the rest of your dog’s life.

Doggie Do Good

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