FAQs about Our Dog Training Services

Training Guaranteed!

If you do a minimum of 21 days of Doggie Camp, you will receive our training guarantee, which gives you free Private Lessons for the rest of your dog’s life.

Private Lessons will be scheduled at our facility in Arroyo Grande. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

While doing 21 days of Camp is recommended, it is not required. You won't receive a training guarantee unless your dog stays for a minimum of 21 consecutive days, but you can send your dog to Camp for as little as two days. In addition, the more time that your dog spends at Camp the more behaviors your dog will be able to learn, and the more solidly they will be instilled. For example: During ten days of Doggie Camp, we can work on roughly two behaviors (such as "stay" and "quiet"). It is best to discuss with a trainer what behaviors you would like your dog to learn and go from there.

We like to think of Doggie Do Good as a "Doggie Disneyland". There are so many dogs here to play with and your dog is going to get so much attention between training and playing that it will be hard for your dog to have a free second to miss you! A lot of the separation anxiety is from the owners themselves. But you can rest easy knowing that your dog is in a good environment and making tons of new friends! Dogs also bond with their owners very quickly, so your doggie is sure to remember you and will be excited to see you when you return to pick him/her up.

No dog is really impossible to train. We have had many doggie owners bring us their dog saying the same thing, only to be surprised by how well behaved their doggie is when we do the Doggie Camp Return. Keep in mind that we usually get the toughest of the tough dogs to train so we have lots of experience and success with the “impossible to train” dog. We love the challenge and we have yet to find the dog we could not train. While we can never promise absolute perfection from your dog (they are animals that are capable of thinking on their own and making their own decisions), we can promise that you will see improvements in your dog's behavior(s).

Yes; we train dogs of all sizes, personalities, breeds and ages. At Doggie Do Good, we really can teach old dogs new tricks!

No; we are not a kennel. Doggie Do Good, Inc. is a full service training facility in a home environment. Whether your doggie is here for Doggie Camp, Day Care or Boarding, they are in a friendly home environment on two and a half acres, where they get to socialize and play with both people and other doggies with constant supervision by professional trainers. All of the doggies who come to Doggie Do Good have the same day in that they all get to go out and play. Here at Doggie Do Good, your dog will never have to sit in a kennel all day.

Doggie Do Good, Inc. provides Service Dog training and Doggie Camp nationwide. With our other programs we service most of the West Coast. If you choose to have a Private Lesson, we can travel to your home.

When you are ready to drop your doggie off for Boarding or Doggie Camp, there are very few things that we need from you:

1) Please make sure your doggie is current on all his/her vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella. We will need a copy of your vaccination records.

2) We will need enough food for the entire length of your doggie's stay with us. We don't want your doggie to get an upset stomach, so it's best to not introduce new food. The dogs in Camp get tons of exercise throughout the day, so if you're leaving your dog with us for Doggie Camp we recommend bringing at least an extra week's worth of food.

3) Your doggie will need to be current on some sort of flea control (Advantage/Advantix/Frontline/Comfortis, etc...) and that is simply because your dog will be staying indoors in Sandy Sandberg's home. In addition, the dogs go off-property so we would hate for your doggie to pick up fleas while at the beach or park.

To qualify for a Service Dog, we require a completed Service Dog Application, which includes a signed letter from a doctor that deals with your disability explaining how and why you can benefit from a Service Dog. The application will also give you an opportunity to answer questions about you, your disability, lifestyle and what you are looking for in a Service Dog.

We can train a variety of Service Dogs for those with disabilities. Some of the things we train include hearing assistance, mobility/stability assistance, psychiatric assistance, seizure assistance, diabetic assistance, etc. We train to fit the owner’s needs so we will customize the Service Dog training to help give the disabled owner an easier and more fulfilled life.

Doggie Do Good uses a variety of training tools to train your doggie. Just like humans, every dog is different and what works well for one dog may not work well for another. At Doggie Do Good we are professional trainers who will evaluate the needs of your dog and the best method of training. We always couple our training with praise and love. We understand that some owners may feel differently about certain training methods and we would never use a training tool that you were uncomfortable with. If you have specific questions about our methods, feel free to contact us.